two women chat in library

Sometimes, they say, the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.

Filmed in time for Refugee Week, this series of conversations give a voice to refugees, their families, their friends and those they live alongside.

Occasionally funny or moving, but always informative, these videos leave the viewer with a deeper appreciation of the extraordinary lives and journeys of refugees living in the UK.

We hope you enjoy them and make time for your own conversations this Refugee Week.


Theresa and Meena

Lifelong friends Theresa and Meena returned to their old school in London as part of the project.

They have been friends since attending Haverstock School between 1973 and 1976. Both had come to the UK as refugees.

Theresa, 56, came to the UK with her family from Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) as the war for full independence and majority rule was breaking out. She now manages the Red Cross’ refugee support service in South Wales.

Meena, also 56, arrived in the UK in 1972 with her family as a result of the expulsion of Ugandan Asians by Idi Amin. She now works for the department of work and pensions.

Ann and Marzia

Friends Ann and Marzia met in Oldham Library earlier this month.

Marzia, 51, a former family court judge and advocate of education for girls and women, talked about her reasons for leaving Afghanistan and how she has found her new life in Oldham.

Marzia was supported by the British Red Cross when she came to the UK and has since volunteered for the organisation.

Having come to Oldham with little English, she learned the language and now works for local MP Debbie Abrahams.