World Water Day – Red Cross helping millions of people

A child drinking from a cup


For most of us in the UK, the journey to get clean water involves walking across the room and turning on a tap. So the idea of having to walk for three hours to get clean water is unimaginable.

But for millions of people across the world, access to safe water is still a struggle. As of 2011, an estimated 768 million people worldwide lacked access to safe water.


How do you help a stab victim?

Knife crime is a deadly serious issue for young people – who accounted for over a third of all UK casualties last year. That’s why our new short films will be a big help.

It only takes seconds to stab someone, and just minutes to bleed to death.

That’s perhaps the worst thing about knife injuries: the speed at which everything happens.

Anyone who’s been stabbed needs to be treated immediately – it’s literally a life or death matter. But all too often bystanders don’t know what they should do, and so lives are lost. More

Empowering women to save lives in Sierra Leone

Moyamba Red Cross branch mothers' club volunteers in a backyard garden - ©IFRC/Greg RødlandBuick

Moyamba Red Cross branch mothers’ club volunteers in a backyard garden – ©IFRC/Greg RødlandBuick

Child birth in Sierra Leone is a risky affair – one in 23 women die as a result of pregnancy-related causes. 

The West Africa nation has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world and women also suffer from having a low social and economic status.

It’s within this context that the Sierra Leone Red Cross, with support from the British Red Cross, is working with men and women to promote maternal and child health, as well as disease prevention and treatment.    More

One brick at a time, teen’s Lego film is a huge success

Picture of Morgan Spence in his bedroom

Morgan Spence, who created our Disaster Island Lego film – ©BritishRedCross

At the age of just 14, Morgan Spence has already crafted himself an enviable reputation in the world of film animation.

The creator of our Lego Disaster Island film, the young Scot has been producing stop-motion animations since 2011.

In that time, his films have racked up more than 1.8 million views on YouTube, while he has also produced a music video for renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold.  More

Building resilience: Why preparing for crisis is common sense

© Matt Percival/BRC

© Matt Percival/BRC

What links earthquakes in Nepal with HIV in Lesotho, and cholera outbreaks in Sierra Leone with the health problems affecting mothers in Myanmar? The effects of all these crises can be reduced by making people and communities more resilient.

Resilience is the ability to prevent, withstand and recover from disasters and emergencies. The British Red Cross is building resilience across the world and in the UK. We’re highlighting that work by putting the spotlight on four very different programmes helping some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Each one is run in partnership with that country’s Red Cross or Red Crescent National Society.

Why does resilience matter?

We think building resilience is just common sense. We shouldn’t just sit around and wait for floods, fires or outbreaks of disease – by taking action beforehand, we can make sure the impact of risks and crises is drastically reduced. This idea has been guiding our work for decades, and we think it’s more important than ever.

Even simple steps can save lives and livelihoods, protect homes and put people on the path to a better future. Giving people the power to prevent and prepare is a great investment too. A little time and money spent now will often prevent the need to give much more when a crisis happens. More

Every crisis is personal

At the British Red Cross we believe that every crisis is personal.

A crisis can be a catastrophic event like the recent typhoon in the Philippines, which destroyed livelihoods and buildings.

Or it can be much smaller – like a woman stranded at home because she doesn’t have the confidence to get out and about after an illness.

A crisis can happen to anyone at any time. It doesn’t matter to us how big a crisis is or how many people it affects. What matters is that someone needs our help. More

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