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Simon Cowell and David Walliams present Britain’s Got Talen…eurghhh!

Simon-Cowell-BLOGWould you know what to do if someone was choking? Music mogul Simon Cowell was helped by fellow TV show judge David Walliams this week after he started choking on a sweet.

A humble mint yesterday achieved what hundreds of people have failed to do over the years: it (albeit temporarily) silenced Simon Cowell.

The famously snippy talent show judge was getting ready to dish out his opinions at a Britain’s Got Talent audition in Birmingham when things suddenly went wrong. More

What’s the point of knowing first aid if you don’t use it?

Brad-first-aid-BLOGFirst aid expert (and guest blogger) Emily Oliver is dismayed by how few people – even trained first aiders – are willing to step forward and help in a crisis.

First aiders at the British Red Cross often sound like a broken record.

Our mantra is pretty straightforward: “Make first aid easy. Make it easy to teach, easy to learn. Above all, make it easy to do.”

As we never tire of pointing out, people trained in first aid have to feel confident in actually using their skills. Otherwise, what’s the point in anyone teaching it? Frankly, no wonder we’re always moaning about this topic. Here in the UK, it’s becoming more and more evident that first aid education is not doing its job.


Volunteer: go to cool events

Sam-ClewesSince becoming a first aid volunteer, 17-year-old Sam Clewes has hobnobbed with royalty at Buckingham Palace and rocked out at the Wireless Festival. Here’s his story:

Become a first aider with the British Red Cross, they said. You’ll get to see interesting things. They weren’t lying.

I live in rural West Midlands, so when the Red Cross asked if I’d like to spend a summer weekend at both the Queen’s Coronation Festival and the Wireless Festival, you can probably guess what my answer was.


How do you recognise a mini stroke?

Gary-Kubiak-NFL-coachDoctors call it the ‘warning stroke’ – a terrifying episode that nonetheless gives people time to take action before a fatal emergency occurs.

Gary Kubiak is an athletic guy. Aged just 52, the Houston Texans head coach, a former player himself, is in pretty good shape.

And yet, at a major NFL game two weeks ago  – with millions watching live on TV – he suddenly dropped to his knees, held his head in his hands, then collapsed.


Drowning victims: should you jump in to help?

House of Commons blogSomeone’s in the water and in trouble. Your first instinct might be to jump in and reach them – but think twice.

Last month, an MP was standing on the House of Commons terrace overlooking the Thames, when he saw a human body float past in the fast flowing water.

Then it moved.

Shocked, Stephen Gilbert, a Lib Dem MP, realised the woman was still alive but struggling.

Reacting quickly, he ran along the terrace, found a lifebuoy and threw it to her. She grabbed on to it and was rescued further down the river.


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