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First aid volunteer: ‘there’s nothing like it’

Graham-Baker-BLOG2Having a good laugh one minute, then saving someone’s life in the back of an ambulance the next? Graham Baker lifts the lid on his life as a first aid volunteer.

Whenever you go to a big event, such as a festival, you’ll probably notice there’s always a few first aiders and a couple of ambulances there.

They deal with all the things that can go wrong on a fun day out – heatstroke, too much drink, cuts, bruises – and occasionally real emergencies. More

‘I saved my friend’s life hours after learning first aid’


Copyright: Daily Record

Copyright: Daily Record

When his friend was stabbed, teenager Jay Duff still had a first aid trainer’s words echoing in his ears – and knew exactly what to do.

Like most people, Jay enjoyed his first aid session.

But once the training was done he just got on with his day, not really considering that he’d ever have to put into practice what he’d just learned.

Which just goes to show, you can never tell. More

Learn first aid: see the world!

Lauren-Nicol-2-600x337pxLauren signed up to learn first aid in her home city of Glasgow – which led to her helping people across the globe.

When Lauren Nicol went to a local first aid course, she had nothing more ambitious in mind than learning some useful life-saving tips.

She recalled: “I wanted to learn about first aid, and saw in a newspaper that the British Red Cross offered free training if you became a volunteer – so I signed up.”


After Suarez: how to treat a bite injury

LUIS SUAREZ CELEBRATES THE WIN UA EMIRATES V URUGUAY OLD TRAFFORD MANCHESTER ENGLAND 26 July 2012With so many risks out there this summer – uncontrolled dogs, venomous spiders, internationally renowned footballers – it pays to know how to treat a bite injury.

News reports have been abuzz this week with Luis Suarez’s antics at the World Cup in Brazil.

And it is tempting to snigger at the toothy Uruguayan’s ongoing inability to tell the difference between a three-course meal and a fellow footballer. After all, this is his third impromptu a-la-carte moment on a football field. More

It’s Child Safety Week: time to learn first aid

Child-with-iron-BLOGLovable as they are, wee kiddies are always getting into bumps and scrapes – and if things go badly wrong, they might be counting on your help.

Spare a thought for Ben Raybould, who last year experienced every parent’s worst nightmare.

But when his baby boy stopped breathing and turned blue, Ben at least had one hope to cling to – he’d learned first aid with the British Red Cross a few months earlier. More

First aid session saved our baby’s life

Raybauld-familyWhen parent-to-be Ben Raybould casually dropped in on a baby first aid seminar, he’d no idea it would end up saving his little boy’s life.

When my girlfriend and I discovered she was pregnant last year, it was like all our Christmases had come at once.

We started regularly visiting a nearby Mothercare shop, caught up in the excitement of buying things for our baby. And so when they held a special evening for expectant parents, we naturally popped along.


Medical emergency? Call Cameron and Boris

Boris-and-CameronFirst Ed Miliband rescued a stricken cyclist – and now Britain’s top Tory duo have come to the aid of a collapsed woman. Politicians are the new paramedics, it seems.

When the Prime Minister grabs someone’s hand in public, it’s usually to shake it and ask for their vote.

But David Cameron and Mayor of London Boris Johnson showed their more caring side this week, when they stopped to help a woman who’d collapsed on the street. More