Life’s tough for superheroes. All that thankless do-goodery must get exhausting after a while. And what about the costumes? The masks are sweaty, underpants as overpants is never a good look, and those spandex tights must chafe something rotten on one’s unmentionables.

Still not convinced? Just think, then, of the misery endured by even the greats. Spiderman is hated and misunderstood by most of the public. Superman spends most of his day pretending to be a geek. Captain America’s costume is just embarrassing.

And yet, as proved by the Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen Awards over the past four years, it turns out that – despite the odds – the UK is still chock-full of heroes. (Albeit not ones in costume; it must be the chafing thing).

Our annual awards celebrate the young people – whether lone heroes or super groups – who go that extra mile to help others. There are four categories to choose from: first aid, volunteering, community action and fundraising.

If you know of a young hero or heroes (masks and tights are optional, remember) who you think deserves recognition, nominate someone today. It only takes a couple of minutes and the closing date – Holy Mackerel!  Friday 23 July – is fast approaching.