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This is a guest post by Alison McNulty, a Senior Researcher at the British Red Cross.

The British Red Cross is set to hold a conference in London next month that will bring together experts from many fields to discuss the best ways of putting resilience into practice.

Now you have an opportunity to put your point across and help shape questions for our panel members on the big day itself.

Emerging themes

The delegate profiles and abstracts we’ve seen so far have shown great examples of building resilience at a personal level, as well as within communities. Many of the abstracts reflect work which builds social and community networks, and examples of communities taking steps to provide their own services in a crisis.

There is also a lot of interest in exploring how volunteering helps encourage resilience. It’s not all about strengthening community resilience – it’s also about enhancing resilience at a personal level, and emphasising the value of volunteering to increase morale.

This is all good to know, but it leaves several questions open to debate.

  • Are self-sufficiency and self-reliance essential in building an individual’s or community’s resilience?
  • What happens if or when these aren’t present?
  • Do they always impact positively on resilience outcomes?
  • And, above all, whose responsibility is it anyway to “enable” these features in people and communities?

What’s your take on resilience?

So what would you ask our resilience conference panel? It includes:

  • Rita Patel – a councillor and campaigner for women’s rights
  • Margaret Lally – Director of UK Service Development, British Red Cross
  • Phillip Monaghan – a recognised leader in the fields of economic development, corporate social responsibility, and environmental sustainability
  • Ellie Godsi – a consultant clinical psychologist specialising in abuse

Join the debate – post your questions here, or on Twitter using the hashtag #resilienceconf

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!