Young-photographer-BLOGIf you’re aged 25 or under, here’s a tempting prospect – simply take a photo, send it to us and you might end up winning an awesome camera.

Say cheese!

The British Red Cross’ brand new young person’s photography competition is looking for keen-eyed snappers who can capture something special through the lens.

Our competition theme – What makes a hero? – is both simple and very open, so you can really let your imagination go to work. (However, it’s worth remembering that sometimes it’s possible to spot the heroic in everyday things.)

Big prizes

There are two age categories (17 and under, and 18 to 25) and some fabulous prizes on offer from Canon, which is kindly sponsoring the competition.

The overall winners in both categories will each get their mitts on a Canon EOS 700D with a swanky Canon 18-135mm lens (worth £800!). Adding to the glee, two runners-up will find themselves clicking away with a Canon PowerShot G16 (worth £450).

These are terrific cameras – described in reviews as ‘superb all-rounders’ – that will really help amateur photographers take the quality and range of their pictures to the next level.

Careful caption

As to what you actually photograph, that’s an open question. It might be a person, a group, an animal, a statue, a book, a picture, a landscape, a conceptual idea… The possibilities are endless.

But here’s a tip: think carefully about what to write in the short caption that accompanies your entry. After all, this is your opportunity to explain to the judges why you chose your particular subject, and how it fits in with the ‘hero’ theme.

This competition is part of the British Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen Awards, which each year celebrates the extraordinary contribution young people make to helping other people across the UK.

The closing date is 27 July. So until then, get snapping – and good luck.