Canon-young-photographerWant to know the score before entering our young person’s photography competition? Canon’s resident expert, David Parry, has some top tips.

1. Watch the background.
Pay close attention to what’s behind your subject. Bright colours and patterns can be distracting, and will take away from the impact your shot will have.Melancholic portrait in pink

2. The eyes have it….
There’s a reason why people’s eyes are referred to as the ‘windows to the soul’. They are the most important part of a portrait, which is why it’s always crucial to focus carefully on them when taking a shot.iStock_000011333402Small_(600_337)

3. Get creative with a range of different angles.
Use a mixture of portrait and landscape styles to create interesting images. Don’t forget you can also hold the camera above your head or low to the ground to create different pictures.Holding onto love

4. Think outside the box.
You can even add various creative filters to the shot, if you’re feeling a bit artistic.Filter-older-lady

5. Turn up the lights!
If there is too little light, or if you want to avoid patches of shade on a person’s face in strong sunlight, you can add extra light. For example, use a piece of white cardboard, polystyrene or a professional reflection screen – this will catch the light and reflect it onto your subject’s face.iStock_000007939528Small(600_337)

6. Practice makes perfect.
One simple rule: the more pictures you take, the better chance you’ll have of capturing a memorable image. With digital photography you can’t go wrong – just press ‘delete’ if a shot doesn’t work. Keep snapping away until you get that perfect shot.

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