Bangladesh V2R livelihoodsToday is World Food Day. Across the globe, people are talking about how to tackle hunger and give everyone a decent diet.

We know how important food is for those facing crisis, whether they’re in Kettering or Kazakhstan. Find out how we use food to help…

…People affected by conflict

Food parcels are a lifeline for people caught up in fighting and disasters. Our appeals for Syria, Iraq and South Sudan have all funded these meals for people struggling to get by. See dramatic pictures of a food airdrop, taken earlier this year.South-Sudan-7

…Vulnerable people in the UK

Getting the shopping in can be a challenge for vulnerable people here in the UK – particularly if they’re recovering from an illness or stay in hospital. Every year, our support at home service helps thousands of people such as Mary get back to their best. And we’ve helped out with collections for families affected by food poverty.

…People living with TB and HIV

For people living with these illnesses, a proper diet is crucial. Without it, taking the powerful medication needed to stay healthy is much more difficult. The British Red Cross and its partners are making sure vulnerable people around the world get the food they need – through food parcels and innovative keyhole gardens.

…Refugees and asylum seekers

Getting a decent meal can be a challenge for asylum seekers in the UK, who are not allowed to work and have limited support from the Government. Food they receive from the Red Cross can be a vital lifeline.

Taste can be a powerful link with home too – earlier this year, dishes from around the world brought refugees together at a special celebration marking Refugee Week. Try Malek’s recipe for aubergine dip.

Credit: Joel Chant

Credit: Joel Chant

…raise money for charity

Fundraisers love using great grub to raise money for the Red Cross. Every week people across the UK support our work with Great British Bake challenges, coffee mornings and other lip-smacking events. Want to join them? Find out how.