boy from Aleppo

Most of us will have seen the shocking coverage of Aleppo in the news recently.

Here are some photos of the life-saving work your donations to the Syria Crisis Appeal are supporting.

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Abo Abdo in workshop

Abo Abdo used to work as a blacksmith in his own workshop. As the situation in Aleppo worsened he lost his job, workshop and equipment. Then he lost his leg in a bomb blast.

Abo eventually got a prosthetic limb fitted with help from the Red Cross.

He is now part of a Red Cross initiative supporting small enterprises.

“To work again, to breathe again is all what really matters to me”, says Abo.

Now, two months after getting back to work, Abo is able to support his family again. Laughing through teary eyes, he said: “Now I feel myself a perfect person.”

water provision in Syria

Nearly 200 cubic metres of water are transferred daily to 22 eastern neighbourhoods of Aleppo. The team have also distributed 350 cubic metres of water to 35 shelters throughout the city, as well as to medical points, the prison and places of worship.

boy with injured leg Syria

Volunteers are providing urgent health care and medicine to families in Aleppo.

man fixes generator syria

The water and sanitation team recently finished the maintenance work on the two generators in Aleppo University’s Heart Hospital. The hospital provides free medical services for patients.

boy from Aleppo

The smile on the face of seven-year-old Mohammad is back again. Since the beginning of 2016, Mohammad has been attending a counselling centre. He has become noticeably more social, self-confident and even fond of drawing during his time at the centre.

man receives aid package
Our partners, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, continue to help families who have fled from areas of tension.

They have recently distributed urgent aid to families sheltering in northern Aleppo. These items include canned food parcels, clothes and cleaning products.

food kitchen syria

In Aleppo, the Red Crescent are providing more than 2,500 cooked meals to the most vulnerable families. To date, volunteers have cooked more than 142 million meals, giving them to families sheltering in ruined buildings and public shelters.

two boys play football syria

Ten-year-old Mahmod has been nicknamed “Banana” by his teammates. Living in a public shelter he is not able to go to school, though the “I Am an Athlete” project is giving some purpose to his life.

Volunteers are organising a series of football, basketball and field games with six teams of young people with the aim of teaching sportsmanship, developing responsibility, and to help the children let off steam.

man tends to water source

Aleppo’s population depends on boreholes as a main source of water. Volunteers are periodically checking and maintaining the boreholes.

Photos: SARC| Ismaiel Tayaa, Samy Bayrikdar, Islam Mardini, Ahmad Mardini and Sevim Turkmani