Adam Banks holding up the British Red Cross First Aid App on his phone.Adam Banks knew first aid. But when he came across a man having a seizure, having the British Red Cross’ First Aid App in his pocket gave him a confidence boost. With over six million downloads worldwide the app, now celebrating its fifth birthday, is helping you to help others.  

Adam’s story

“I was on my way home from work and found a guy who was face down on the floor near the bus stop,” Adam said.

“The person on the floor was having a seizure. Shortly after I arrived two other guys turned up and joined me as I began to help him.”

Adam had only recently completed a first aid course with the Red Cross: “It had only been a month or so,” he said.

“When I learnt first aid with the Red Cross, my trainer recommended I download the free First Aid App.”

“With three of us there looking after the man, and with the situation under control, I got out my phone and opened the app and thought: ‘I’ll just check to make sure I’m doing everything right’.”

“The other two guys were surprised and said: ‘I didn’t know you could get anything like that’.

“We went through and found we were doing everything right. It was a massive reassurance to us.”

Appy birthday

Our first aid app celebrates its fifth birthday on 8 December. Since its launch back in 2011, it has been downloaded over 850,000 times in the UK.

But the app is also a global success. Having been translated into 36 languages and made available in 81 countries, globally it has had over six million downloads to date.

Infographic showing First Aid App downloads
Staying fresh

Every month around 15,000 people spend two and a half minutes learning or refreshing their knowledge of first aid.

Our app includes advice and support for 19 first aid scenarios as well as a range of emergency preparedness advice.

Looking for first aid advice specifically for children?

We also have a Baby and Child First Aid App – perfect for anyone who has to look after little ones.