Amanda stands with her arm on the shoulder of her grandada, who she helped with first aid when he was bleeding heavily

Amanda and her grandad © Mike Poloway/British Red Cross

It was a peaceful Sunday at home. But when there was a sudden emergency, Amanda knew how to help her grandad when he needed it most.

“I was in my house with my family, my boyfriend and my grandad. He’d come round for a visit and a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon,” Amanda said.

“After a while, my grandad went up the stairs and a few moments later I heard him shouting my name.

“There hadn’t been a bang or anything, so I didn’t know at this stage he had fallen. But when I got to the bottom of the stairs he was propped up on the wall at the top.

“I could tell something was wrong. As I went up towards him he pulled up his trouser leg, and all this blood spurted all over the wall.

“He said he’d just lost his footing on the top step and fallen. He’d cut himself on the edge of the stair.”

Amanda knew the simple actions to save a life – would you?

Since Amanda had learned first aid with the British Red Cross, she knew what to do.

This World First Aid Day (8 September), we’re calling on the nation to be ready to help save a life like Amanda did.

Give us five minutes of your time this week and we’ll give you five simple skills that could save a life.

You’ll know how to help someone who is: choking, bleeding heavily, unresponsive and breathing, unresponsive and not breathing and someone having a seizure.

The confidence to help when she saw her grandad bleeding

Luckily, Amanda’s grandad is OK. But it could have been so different.

“My family and my boyfriend all had different ideas about the best way to help and were giving me conflicting advice,” Amanda said.

“But because I’d done first aid with the Red Cross I knew that the only thing I had to do was apply pressure, keep pressure on and wait for help to arrive.

“I was quite confident in helping him, and I think my grandad picked up on that and that it was comforting to him.

“I knew that because of his age and the extent to which he was bleeding we were going to have to call 999 quickly.

“The operator stayed on the line with me until the ambulance arrived, which was really helpful.

“The paramedics applied a pressure bandage to the wound, and he’s now recovering well.”