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The British Red Cross museum and archives collection holds many treasures illustrating our work through the years. Here, we give them the attention they deserve.

Art from the past: a dangerous journey in the First World War

Stobart and Serbia retreat in First World War

‘Lady of the black horse’, by George Rankin

Just over 100 years ago, Mabel St Clair Stobart was forced to flee her field hospital in Belgrade, Serbia during the First World War.

One of many women who volunteered with the Red Cross, she was head of a hospital unit on the front line.

Events in the war were escalating. Serbia had been invaded – and lives and vital medical equipment were now in danger.

As head of the hospital, Mabel Stobart had to lead the sick and wounded, and the nurses, on an 800-mile escape over snow-capped mountains.

Yet most people have not heard her name – or know anything about her incredible life. More

Art from the past: the secret artists in prisoner of war camps

Jenny Martin with the Changi quilt in 2015. © Teri Pengilley

Jenny Martin with the Changi quilt in 2015. © Teri Pengilley

Every month, we dust off a piece of art from the British Red Cross collection to give it the attention it deserves. This month, we look at some items crafted in the most desperate of settings – and the remarkable efforts it took to make them.  

In 1942, Daphne Davidson’s life changed forever.

She was living in Singapore with her husband. She had a good job and had just become pregnant.

But then Singapore surrendered to invading Japan. James left for the front and Daphne was sent to a prisoner of war (POW) camp.

The days were long, tedious and full of hard work and hardship.

So how did arts and crafts become an act of rebellion? More