A young woman British Red Cross volunteer walks with an older man holding her arm for balance while they talk to each other.

We’re grabbing our aprons, clearing out our wardrobes and starting conversations. We’re getting on our bikes, we’re walking for miles and we’re training for events. We’re donating, supporting, helping.

All to do OneKindThing that makes a difference.

When someone’s going through an incredibly difficult time – maybe the worst situation of their life – even the simplest things can change their world for the better. We all have the power to help a person in crisis.

And when we work together, we are powerful. If we all chose to do one kind thing today, imagine the impact it could have.

So, what does OneKindThing look like?

Your OneKindThing for the British Red Cross could be something really simple that has a huge, positive effect on someone else.

The best part? You don’t need loads of time or experience – all you need is the desire to get stuck in and help.

Reckon your baking skills are pretty good? Organise a tea party at home or at work. You can invite friends, neighbours, colleagues or even total strangers to come along and grab a slice for a small price.

This OneKindThing is perfect for reaching out to people and having a great conversation over a cuppa.

A young woman in a British Red Cross jacket sits arm in arm with an older woman together on a park bench

That’s another way you can get involved if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands – spending time with someone who feels lonely.

Together with a network of staff and volunteers, Nazia helps people who are lonely to get back into the community, and supports them to slowly get their confidence back. You could do the same in your area.

Hectic schedule? We know that your time is precious. Even if you just have a couple of hours on a weeknight to spare, there could be a volunteering opportunity for you.

Two volunteers in a British Red Cross charity shop stand next to each other and look at items.

Helping out in a British Red Cross shop near you is another way to do your OneKindThing. You get to chat to people in your community as well as help raise funds – it’s a win-win situation.

And while you’re at it, why not give your home the Marie Kondo treatment? Chuck all the stuff you don’t want anymore into a bag – from clothes and shoes to books and homeware items – and drop it off at a British Red Cross shop.

You might not think they’re worth much, but they’re valuable to us.

Two young women wearing British Red Cross running vests stand with their arms around each other, smile and wave in front of a Red Cross painted on a building

Signing up to a physical challenge could be your OneKindThing. Get out in the fresh air, set yourself a fundraising goal and – most of all – enjoy it.

You can take part in Prudential RideLondon if you fancy a 100-mile cycle through London and Surrey, or join Miles For Refugees to swim, run or cycle your way towards helping refugees here in the UK.

Your kindness helps us continue supporting people

Although baking a cake or donating old clothes doesn’t seem like much, every OneKindThing is one step towards helping the British Red Cross support people in the UK and all over the world.

A mother hugs a young boy sitting in a wheelchair as a British Red Cross volunteer holds it

We open our doors to everyone and anyone who needs help. No matter who they are or where they are, no questions asked.

We’re a safety net for people who desperately need to feel safe.

British Red Cross high profile supporter JB Gill with Red Cross volunteers and expectant mothers in the Red Cross nutrition garden at Neshuro District Hospital. Neshuro village, Mwenezi district, Zimbabwe.

Your kindness helps us to be there for families, communities and individuals who have lost everything in a crisis.

And we’ll be there in the aftermath of the crisis; when the dust settles, when pure human kindness matters most.

So, what will your #OneKindThing be?